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icanhasbuffy's Journal

A Buffy macros community
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Buffy cat macros, or cat Buffy macros, or Buffy macros without cats
This community was modelled on lolbuffy. Since we have a lolbuffy feed here at LJ, I took the suggestion of cloudwatcher and named it icanhasbuffy. It is for Buffy macros, which would include pictures of cats with text relating to Buffy, and Buffy macros with cat-macro style text. Motivational posters are also welcome, as are icons. If you have more than one picture in your entry, please put it behind a cut. Same goes for pictures that are not work safe. Please no pictures depicting cruelty to animals.

Resources you might find useful: Roflbot, for putting text on pictures, and Motivator, for making
motivational posters.

For screencaps:




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